U.S. Embassy Zambia

Land Matters

October 7, 2015

We sat down with Mercedes Stickler and Stephen Brooks to discuss USAID’s Land Tenure program. The program leads efforts to incorporate effective and sustainable land and resource governance solutions into U.S. Government development strategies and U.S. private sector foreign investments that protect the livelihoods of the most vulnerable and support economic growth.

Strengthening land rights is central to ending extreme poverty and promoting resilient societies in the developing world, where over 70% of land is unregistered. Lack of secure property rights is a major constraint to economic growth, food security, good governance, conflict reduction and climate change resilience. USAID works to improve land and resource governance and strengthen property rights for all members of society, especially women.

Currently, USAID has land tenure programs in 24 countries, with a total investment value of over $300 million. This programming complies with international and demonstrated best practices that clarify the rights to use, control, transfer and allocate, land and resources while promoting sustainable land use practices.