U.S. Embassy Zambia

Ambassador Schultz Launches Bus Tickets Zambia

May 21, 2015

Ambassador Eric Schultz this week participated in the launch of “Bus Tickets Zambia” with company founder and 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit alumnus Mawano Kambeu, Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe, and Minister of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale.  During his remarks, the Ambassador hailed the role of exchange opportunities such as the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in exposing Zambia’s entrepreneurs to new ideas and expressed U.S. support for Zambia’s young, savvy professionals as key drivers of Zambia’s long-term economic diversification and development.  The Ambassador pointed out that during a February 2015 Annual Africa Business Conference at Harvard University, Bus Tickets Zambia was named “Africa’s Best New Venture for 2015.”  Also that just this week, Mawano Kambeu was informed that the American Association for the Advancement of Science will sponsor him to be a 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit mentor.  During Minister Mwale’s remarks, he stated that the American Dream is also the Zambian Dream:  that with hard work, commitment, and a good idea, a person can successfully create a business.  The Minister also urged Zambian young people to take on President Obama’s “Yes, we can!” attitude.